Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    Jala Brat released the seventh track from “Future”, waiting for the next eight

    Sarajevo rapper Jala Brat, real name Jasmin Fazlic, has released a new song LMTD from the upcoming album “Futura”.

    It is also the seventh song from this album out of a total of 15, and the complete album has been given the epithet of epic.

    As fans and the general public are already accustomed to, Jala Brat continues to push the boundaries in musical terms throughout the region. His popularity speaks volumes about his work despite the fact that he does not like to be exposed in the media.

    He shot the video for LMTD in Paris, and the Eiffel Tower is often in the frame.

    It is not only the music that goes hand in hand with this musician, but also marketing. He always finds innovative ways to announce projects, so “Futura” has been announced for months.

    The audience eagerly awaits the next eight songs, and one of them is the duet with Buba Corelli “Pill”.

    However, as the icing on the cake, Jala Brat left the song “Adrenaline” with a Canadian rapper who has a world reputation, Tory Lanez (Tory). Of course, this collaboration will be the last to be announced if Sarajevans continue to publish songs in the same order as before.

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