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    “Convinced that this way will work” – Indicator

    This is what Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, chairman of the Center Party, says about the election issues that the party presented earlier today. For example, the party wants funds from the Treasury, whether due to a surplus from the Treasury, a resource fee, or share capital from Íslandsbanki, to flow directly into the pockets of Icelanders.

    Sigmundur says that these ideas are feasible, as they are conducive to creating increased value, which will be returned to the state.

    “I am convinced that this way will work in a way that we will be better able to deal with difficulties when we stop allowing the state to be in a constant deficit and allow the debt situation to increase, but we will get everyone involved. to build a stronger state, “he says, adding that this is contrary to the current policy.
    “What does not work is an unchanged system that constantly neglects to save in the state system, allows the bank to expand but instead raises taxes and levies on the public.”

    It is also proposed a 25 percent reduction in car taxes, better utilization of the car fleet, and that permission be granted for increased use of company cars.

    Rationalism but not extremism

    Sigmundur says that the party’s policy on climate issues is completely different from other parties, which is primarily about increased production in Iceland.

    “It is based on rationality and not on extremism or contemporary whims. I have pointed out that the best we can do for the climate is to produce as much as possible in Iceland. The more that is produced here with our clean renewable energy, the less the emissions from that production, “says Sigmundur.

    “We could make environmentally friendly fuel and export it. There are endless ideas that can be implemented if we deviate from the path that is now being preached, which is in fact a policy of restraint, which is intended to reduce value creation and production in Iceland. ”

    The party also calls for changes in the freedom of expression legislation.

    “The government and others are constantly moving up the shaft by putting obstacles in the discussion. I am strong of the opinion, being a liberal, that the best answer to nonsense and nonsense is simply to allow it to be seen and answered – not to try to ban it. It has not worked out anywhere. One has heard examples, though not all of them in the news, of people being paid for it in their workplace and even losing their jobs for having opinions that do not quite fit the environment there. That must not happen and we must protect our freedom of expression. ”

    He says the ideas are unprecedented elsewhere in the world. “Probably not this approach, as it is based so little on our situation as a small, cohesive nation in an independent and rich country. It is an attempt to take advantage of the opportunities that Icelanders have above other nations and make the most of them. “

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