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    Ana Nikolic in debts to the throat – Luxury life and the album cost 300,000 euros

    After giving birth and losing weight, Ana Nikolic decided to return to the stage in style and recorded allegedly too expensive songs and videos in exotic destinations, which is why she allegedly had to borrow as much as 200,000 euros from a well-known manager.

    According to Media, she borrowed this money in 2019, when she started working on her last album and signed a contract with the manager that she would return the money to him from the performances in the following years.

    However, just when she published new songs, a coronavirus pandemic started, so she could not work and repay that debt. In the meantime, due to lack of work, Nikolic allegedly borrowed more money from the manager to have for everyday needs.

    It is generally known that she lives on a high footing, which means that she has a whole team of people around her who pay to look after her child, run social networks, stylists and hairdressers, and she also has a personal driver.

    Nikolic recorded another single recently, for which she was also in charge. As it is stated, in the last year alone, the singer borrowed another 100,000 euros, which means that she owes a total of 300,000 euros.

    Considering that Ana takes on average between eight and ten thousand euros for one performance, that means that she will have to set aside half of her earnings for the next two years in order to repay the debts.

    On this occasion, Ana did not advertise.

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