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    A new war on the stage- Aca Lukas and Ivana Selakov withdrew the duet just 24 hours after the announcement

    Aca Lukas and Ivana Selakov released the song “Svatovi” yesterday, which is their fourth duet.

    However, 24 hours after the announcement, Selakov and Lukas went to war.

    The singer claims that she was deceived by a “duet-collaborator”, as she called him.

    All of you who have been following my work for years, know how much work and energy I put into each song and how much I try to go with my heart and give the best to you as an audience. Unfortunately, yesterday as a singer I was deceived morally and materially by the duet-collaborators on the song “Weddings”. The whole idea of ​​the project was mine, as well as the effort invested in the realization of the song and the author’s right to a new version. Due to the great unprofessionalism of the other side, the video is being withdrawn from YouTube in this form, but I will soon provide you with a new version of this beautiful song. Thank you for being with me all these years. Ivana loves you – Selakov wrote on Instagram.

    However, her announcement comes after the singer shared the same video on her profile, as well as on stories.

    They also announced themselves from the “Hype” production, which represents Lukas.

    When a song is processed later in a new arrangement, the performer who wants to process the song is obliged to pay the copyright to the original performer, plus the duet song as a collaboration with the singer with whom the duet is realized. In this case, all this did not happen by the management of Ivana Selakov, which is why the team of Ace Lukas reacted and removed the song from YouTube yesterday – it is stated in the announcement of the “Hype” production behind the project.

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