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    4 real survival stories in which people were left alone “in the power of the elements”

    We present you with a selection of amazing and at the same time harsh films about the trials of fate. Four real stories tell of people who are at the mercy of the elements and show us a person who is overly tiny and lost against the backdrop of a powerful and majestic nature. However, the main characters of today’s films were able to fight back the circumstances and return home and proved that the strength of the human spirit is limitless.

    “127 hours”

    About the film

    The premiere of a biographical drama about transcendent human capabilities took place in Russia in early 2011. The film was made by director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Simon Boofy, who took as a basis the book of the prototype of the protagonist Aaron Ralston “Between a rock and a hard place.”


    The drama takes the viewer back to 2003 when an American climber travels to Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. There he wanders from cave to cave until he found himself in a deadly trap, and there is nowhere to wait for help because no one knows where he went.

    Still from the movie - 127 Hours

    Reasons to watch:
    • The performance of essentially one actor came out amazing. Also known for the films “Oz: The Great and Powerful” and “Why Him?” James Franco perfectly fulfilled the tasks set by the director and managed to convey all the emotions of his prototype.
    • The film was highly acclaimed by film critics and received six Oscar nominations and won numerous other prestigious awards.
    • The story is based on real events, when the story of the hero is real, and not a figment of the author’s imaginations, the plot is even more breathtaking and makes you worry more.
    • The name “127 hours” means the time that the protagonist spent in the trap and which tested him for strength.
    • The authors of the drama managed to transfer the viewer to the place of events and allowed not only to observe from the sidelines, but as if to live this terrible time together with the hero, or even to look at what was happening through his eyes.
    Rating: 7.7

    “In the power of the elements”

    About the film

    The premiere of the film under discussion took place in 2018, directed by Baltasar Kormakur, who created another famous tragic motion picture “Everest”. The main roles are played by Shailene Woodley, best known for her dystopian series Divergent, and Sam Claflin, who also played in The Hunger Games.

    Shot from the film -In the Power of the Elements


    The action takes place in 1983 when the American Tami and the British Richard were lucky enough to meet and an affair began between them. One day a young man is offered a good deal: to drive a yacht from Tahiti to San Diego; but a romantic trip across the Pacific Ocean was interrupted by a mighty element.

    Reasons to watch:
    • The film is based on real events and is based on the memoirs of the prototype of the main character Tami Eshkraft entitled “Red Sky Over the Sea in the Morning: A Real Story of Love, Loss, and Survival.”
    • In the genre of catastrophe, a little high-quality cinema was shot, when all the resilience of the human character is traced, which will be useful to those who stop halfway to the goal. This film shows the events when a person spent 40 days among the endless horizon.
    • In addition to the tragic plot, “In the Power of the Elements” also plays up an amazing love story that will appeal to lovers of melodramas.
    Rating: 6.8

    “6 feet deep”
    About the film

    Scott Waugh’s biographical drama hit screens in 2017. The director filmed the real story of Eric Lemark, who, by the will of fate, found himself alone among the endless snowy peaks and spent eight whole days there.

    Shot from the movie - At a depth of 6 feet


    The former athlete, literally addicted to adrenaline, could not lead a calm and measured life. For another dose of “mind-blowing” substance, the man went to a ski resort, which was closed due to an impending storm, but the main character decided to make the final descent and found himself at the mercy of the elements.

    Reasons to watch:
    • The main character, according to the history of his prototype, found himself surrounded by snows without food and other provisions, even elementary without a lighter. The man gradually freezes and his body begins to refuse, that by the end of the path he can barely crawl, but he does not give up and fights for his life to the last.
    • When a person is powerless over the circumstances and is on the verge of death, he rethinks his life and starts it from a “blank slate”. The story will be useful to people with weaknesses, for example, to drugs, because the threat to life helps to realize the insignificance of former habits.
    Rating: 6.3

    “The Survivor”
    About the film

    Thriller, drama, western, action, adventure – these are all Survivor genres. In 2015, the film was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu based on a script based on the novel of the same name by Michael Pahnke, which in turn was based on the story of Hugh Glass, a hunter born in the second half of the 19th century.

    Shot from the movie - The Survivor


    The main character goes with his team to collect skins, which were especially appreciated in those years. So, Glass goes on reconnaissance and on his way comes across a bear walking with her cubs. The man defeats the beast, however, he is seriously injured and becomes a burden for the group, and then they decide to get rid of him. The son of the protagonist notices the evil intentions and protects his father by paying with his own life. Then the paralyzed Glass fights for his life to get revenge. Did he do it?

    Reasons to watch:
    • Legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally received his long-awaited Oscar for his starring role in the film under discussion.
    • The following actors also took part in the filming: the amazing Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, known for the films “The Maze Runner”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “We the Millers”, Donal Gleeson, Paul Anderson, who played in “Peaky Blinders” and others …
    • The real person Hugh Glass single-handedly defeated the bear and, despite his serious injuries after the battle, found the strength to fight for his life. He defied the circumstances and survived the harsh winter climate. The truth was motivated by a thirst for revenge.
    • The film won a record 12 Oscar nominations and received many other awards
    Rating: 7.8

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