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This is why you shouldn’t wear your bra for two days in a row

Favorite bra or not – we’ll tell you why you should change your bra rather than wear it for two days in a row

A daily change makes sense for the underpants – definitely! But do you put on a fresh bra every morning or do you like to wear it two or three days in a row? As long as it’s not dirty, sweaty, or smelly, there’s nothing wrong with it – at least that’s what we think. But like your underpants, you should in the future rather replace your bra with a different one every day. We’ll explain why – and no, it has nothing to do with hygiene.

This is why you should change your bra every day

The reason you shouldn’t wear your bra two days in a row is that if you wear it all the time, it quickly loses its shape and elasticity. The straps, as well as the elastane, wear out and even the newly bought bra can become misshapen in a very short time. You should therefore regularly give it a rest period so that everything can contract again and the bra returns to its old shape. So not only do you benefit from your underwear longer, but your bras also offer you the support you are used to for a long time.

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