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The cropped pixie is the short haircut of summer-Rihana

The pixie cut is making a comeback again, but this time it comes across as different. We’ll tell you here what makes the popular look in summer 2021

Thanks to stars like Rihanna, the pixie cut is the trendy haircut of the hour, but it has got an update!

One short haircut, please! If you feel like a change again, feel free to do it like Rihanna. She is now wearing a pixie cut again and, like other stars, relies on a special twist. Because in the summer of 2021, the iconic look will show itself from a new side.

The pixie cut sometimes has its resting phases, but it has never completely disappeared from the scene. This styling is one of the absolute classics among hairstyles and is currently making a name for itself again. This is not the least since Rihanna has found its way back to the roots. She wore the pixie for a long time in the past. So the comeback was only a matter of time.

Cropped Pixie Cut: The Look That Stars Like Rihanna Love

With her current look, Rihanna is fully in line with the trend, because it will be even more playful, creative, and diverse in summer 2021. This is expressed, for example, by the fact that the short haircut has a little more length at the back to make it look softer. Or the length is added on the front, in line with the face-framing. Accordingly, there is currently not just one recipe for success for the look, but different trendy versions that flatter the different face shapes.

Basically, however, you can say that the pixie cut is losing its jagged look this season so that the whole thing looks less jagged. Instead, it goes in the direction of shag. This means that it is heavily graded and exudes a 70s vibe without having to forego a certain chicness. By the way, the new pixie cut also works best with curls, which appear in a whole new light due to the different layers and lengths in the hair. And last but not least, the trend hairstyle is also suitable as a combination hairstyle. If you like it radical, simply mix the pixie cut with a mullet.

Need some inspiration? Here come the most beautiful pixie cuts:

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