The Best fragrances for spring and summer

“Signature” from La Perla

When a lingerie label launches a fragrance, it can only get sensual! La Perla Beauty is still brand new on the market and wants to win the hearts of women with Clean Luxury. Because the products from La Perla Beauty are not only luxurious but also sustainable and environmentally conscious at the same time. The same goes for the brand’s first fragrance: a floral bouquet gives the perfume an elegant character. Citrus notes ensure a surprising liveliness. Vetiver and woody base notes ultimately make the interplay of fragrances appear sensual. A multifaceted experience.

“Dreams Sunset” by Coach

The oriental-floral fragrance is the epitome of summer in a bottle. Pear sorbet and bergamot smell easy to bite and are rounded off by jasmine blossoms and magnolias. Inspired by the warmth of the sun, notes of vanilla and tonka bean create that comforting feeling that we get when the sun’s rays hit our skin. A perfume to dream away.

“Irresistible” from Givenchy

Does the scent sound familiar to you? Then you are spot on. Irresistible was launched last year as an Eau de Parfum. Now it is also available as an Eau de Toilette. The young and fresh fragrance is a real mood booster. Those who like it fruity and sweet will not be disappointed here. Rose is enveloped in black currants and you can smell them very clearly. A light perfume for the summer that you can’t get enough of.

“Dylan Turquoise” from Versace

The citrus scent hits the nose immediately – in a positive way. Because it is reminiscent of a vacation in Italy and a day at the pool with a delicious lemonade in hand. In addition to notes of Primofiore limes, the perfume also contains mandarins, pink pepper, guava juice and red berries. The exotic scent is rounded off with jasmine and freesia.

“Narciso Eau Neroli Ambree” by Narciso Rodriguez

If anything reminds us of spring and summer, it is the wonderful scent of orange blossom. And that’s exactly what plays a central role in this composition. Although it is a flower, it gives a fresh kick to the scents in which it occurs and is still totally feminine and sensual. In combination with musk, the perfume is the perfect middle between a light and a heavy fragrance.

“Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole” by Guerlain

Anyone who already knows the Aqua Allegoria fragrances will love them not only because of their pretty appearance, but also because of their lightness. This fragrance from the line combines a slight sweetness with a lot of freshness. The sweetish character is given by the scent of candied blossom honey. The freshness of citrus and ginger.

“MCM Eau de Parfum” by MCM

The new (and first) fragrance from the luxury fashion label MCM is initially eye-catching. We have never seen a bottle like this before! It looks like a backpack from the label and comes in a chic leather robe. But of course the inside of a perfume has to be convincing too. Woody-floral fragrances await us there, which are given a touch of liveliness through nuances of raspberry. But the floral bouquet of jasmine, peony and violet dominates, as does the scent of warm woods.

“Light Blue Forever” by Dolce & Gabbana

Another scent that reminds us of summer days in a Mediterranean setting on the Mediterranean! The Dolce & Gabbana fragrance is not unknown, but it will be reinterpreted in 2021. The fruity-floral interplay of orange blossoms, citrus fruits and green apples is fun and makes you want more! More sun, more summer and more beach. Just looking at the bottle makes us feel like we are right on the coast.

“L’Interdit Edition Millesime” by Givenchy

“L’Interdit Eau de Parfum” was launched in 2018 and now in 2021 the traditional fragrance will be updated. In the “Millesime Edition,” everything revolves around the orange blossom, which makes the white bouquet of the fragrance shine. Around one hundred orange blossoms in full bloom were harvested in Egypt for each bottle in March 2020. The fragrance note of the perfume is enhanced by bitter orange and ginger. A touch of tuberos and neroli round off the tangy but elegant fragrance.

“A Drop d’Issey” by Issey Miyake


This scent is fresh and floral. The look alone suggests what we think. Inspired by a drop of water, the bottle acts like a magnifying glass. The lilac is at the center of the fragrance experience. This is rounded off by rose, orange blossom and vanillin.

“La Fiesta” by Mango

Yes, this popular fashion brand now also has fragrances – and they are impressive. The Mediterranean-inspired fragrance line “Memoires de la Mediterranee” consists of six women’s fragrances: La Fiesta, Hedonisme, Dolce Far Niente, Croisette d’Azur, Pres du Soleil and Giornata Perfetta. The fragrance spectrum ranges from floral and fruity notes such as orange blossom, jasmine sambac or peony to more woody essences such as sandalwood or moss.

“La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal” by Lancome

Here, too, a classic fragrance has been transformed into something new – and we love it! “La Vie est Belle” becomes “La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal” and it is the perfect fragrance for a warm spring. This is due to a floral-fruity combination of a rich floral bouquet and citrus fruits. Creamy coconut completes the experience and gives the perfume that certain something.

“Gorgeous” by Michael Kors

This fragrance is less fruity and tangy, but woody in a very light and modern way. In terms of fragrance, this means a bouquet of white flowers, smoky tobacco and cedarwood. The light perfume is perfect for every occasion.

“Ginza” by Shiseido

A really strong fragrance with a lot of power and many facets. Still, he’s not too pushy. A black dagger pierces the bottle as a poetic allusion to the inner strength of every woman. And that is exactly what the scent notes reflect. Jasmine meets fiery pepper, magnolia meets Hinoki wood – all exciting combinations.

“Mixed Emotions” by Byredo

Mate, currant, papyrus and birch – yes, these are all scent notes in this perfume. They are supposed to be an olfactory sketch of the mind. One thing is certain: this fragrance is special. And if you want to know what “mixed feelings” smell like, you have to put the scent on to find out.

“Acqua Colonia Bamboo & Watermelon” by 4711

Bamboo and watermelon sound like a fresh combination. And we can confirm that. She screams for summer. It couldn’t be more refreshing. In addition, the delicious fruit gives it a sweetish character, which gives the light perfume a little more depth.

“Bubble Gum” from Moschino

With this bottle, the name says it all, because the smell of classic chewing gum cannot be “smelled over”. However, the scent loses its childlike character through floral and oriental scents such as cinnamon, Bulgarian rose and ginger powder. However, the sweetness in the perfume is and remains clearly dominant.

“Sunshine” by Michalsky Berlin

This warm scent exudes joy and puts you in a good mood. The new fragrance creation by designer Michael Michalsky does this with flowery, gentle notes that harmonize perfectly with each other. Pink pepper, currant and pear move in harmony with roses and orange blossoms for a light, summery fragrance.

“La Belle Le Parfum” by Jean Paul Gaultier

In spring and summer things can be light and airy or fresh and fruity when it comes to perfume. But of course this is not a must! This fragrance seduces the nose with its sensual, oriental fragrance experience. Green pear accord, jasmine, tonka bean and vanilla ensure exactly that.

“Olympea Blossom” by Paco Rabanne

The look and name of the fragrance give you an idea of ​​the fact that everything revolves around flowers here. The floral freshness of the perfume is enhanced by pear and rounded off with a little vanilla. The result is a feminine fragrance that is perfect for spring and, despite its lightness, will definitely stay in your memory, especially due to its musky base note.

“Flower by Kenzo” by Kenzo

This floral musk fragrance is inspired by nature and, despite its rather intense notes, delicate and clear. Bulgarian rose, a hint of vanilla and a tangy combination of ginger, litchi and tangerine – simply wonderful.

“Preziosa” from Furla

Did you know: Furla also makes fragrances. Our favorite perfume from the series for spring and summer. Saffron, pink pepper and bergamot transport the senses to distant places. Combined with vanilla and suede, the result is an exotic, oriental fragrance.

“For Her Musc Noir” by Narciso Rodriguez

We like to ship the plum into winter – but why at all? This oriental-floral fragrance with notes of musk plays with the fruit by combining it with rose and suede. The result is a feminine and yet mysterious note. Perfect for long summer nights.

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