Saturday, March 2, 2024

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    Record number of vaccines loaded in a single flight – 1,141,000 doses of component 1 of Sputnik V will arrive at dawn

    At dawn this Friday, a flight from Moscow will arrive in Ezeiza with a record load of vaccines.

    This Friday at 4.50 in the morning, 1,141,000 doses of component 1 of the Sputnik V vaccine are expected to arrive at Ezeiza Airport, from Moscow, which will mean the maximum amount that an Aerolineas Argentinas plane could load in an only journey from the start of these flights. A change in the boxes that allows consolidation of a higher volume of doses makes it possible to bring that record amount to our country.

    In this way, this week a total of 1,850,085 units will have arrived from Russia.

    In addition, with the cargo that the Airbus 330-200 will bring, registration LV-GIF, the country will have almost 27 million doses, within the framework of the immunization campaign against Covid-19 that the national government is deploying.

    Flight AR 1603 from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport is the 28th operation carried out by Aerolineas Argentinas to transport cargo produced by the Gamaleya National Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Center to the country.

    Previously, the maximum number of doses that the flag line could load in a single trip took place on June 3 last, when 815,150 Sputnik V landed in Ezeiza at night.

    In this context, last Tuesday 709,085 Sputnik V had arrived (359,085 doses of component 1 and 350,000 of component 2), which together with a remainder of 8,115 units (2,715 from 1 and 5,400 from 2), began to be delivered today in the 24 jurisdictions, with the objective of continuing to deepen the implementation of the Strategic Vaccination Plan.

    On the other hand, in June a new record was reached with a total of 8,410,643 applications throughout the country, with a daily average of 280,355 immunizations, while the arrival of vaccines also marked a historical figure with 8,074,785 doses.

    So far, a total of 26,847,730 doses have arrived in the country, of which 11,265,830 correspond to Sputnik V, (9,375,670 for component 1 and 1,890,160 for component 2); 6 million at Sinopharm; 580,000 to AstraZeneca-Covishield, 1,944,000 to AstraZeneca through the COVAX mechanism of the WHO, and 7,057,900 to those of AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active principle was produced in Argentina.

    According to data from the Public Vaccination Monitor, as of this morning, 24,944,091 vaccines were distributed in all jurisdictions, of which 20,907,721 have already been applied: 16,821,968 people received the first dose and 4,085,753 have the complete scheme of two doses.

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