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The Netflix series “Sex / Life” has a new star, whom some may already know from the movie “Falling In Love”. But who exactly is the handsome actor Adam Demos?

Everyone who liked Adam Demos in the Netflix movie “Falling In Love” can now look forward to a whole series with him in the new release “Sex / Life”. You don’t yet know who exactly the good-looking newcomer is? Then it is high time to get to know him better! We have therefore put together all the information and facts about the Netflix star for you.

That’s what “Sex / Life” with Adam Demos is all about

Housewife Billie Connelly lives in a beautiful house in the US state of Connecticut with her loving husband and two children. Her life seems perfect, but her past is increasingly catching up with her. The wild times – and the incredibly good sex – that she experienced with her ex just can’t get out of her head and she wonders what has become of her life. She writes down all of these fantasies and memories of her former self in her diary, which her husband happens to read. From this moment on it gets exciting: told with a lot of humor, the love drama “Sex / Life”, which is set in New York, among other places, will make the hearts of many “Sex and the City” fans beat faster. Adam Demos can be seen in the role of the good-looking ex-boyfriend, Sarah Shahi plays the leading role.

Who is Adam Demos?

1. He starred in Falling Inn Love and UnReal

Adam Demos may not yet be known to the general public. The Netflix series “Sex / Life” and the rom-com “Falling In Love” are the first Netflix productions in which he plays, but not his first acting job. Many of his fellow citizens should know the native Australian from a few television programs and as Nate in the drama series “Janet King”. In the US series “UnReal” he also played August Walker, a candidate for a fictional dating show à la “The Bachelor”.


2. Adam Demos is with his “Sex / Life” colleague Sarah Shahi

In “Sex / Life” the audience couldn’t get past his mischievous smile and his well-trained body, of course. How could it be that his set colleague Sarah Shahi, who recently divorced, would not have noticed as well? For all of you who have hoped that the Australian will be single – sorry! The two acting colleagues have been in a steady relationship since November 2020.


3. He attaches great importance to friendship

If you scroll through the actor’s Instagram feed, you will not only find loads of topless photos and set pictures, but also some snapshots with his friends. Adam Demos seems to have stayed on the ground and is a real buddy who also enjoys the time away from the entertainment industry. He told the Australian edition of Daily Mail of his supportive friends: “They are so proud of me. It’s so far from what we did when we grew up, so they think it’s great to be able to watch it. ”

4. Adam Demos knows what hard work means

The 35-year-old used to work on the construction site for his father’s company before he really started his acting career. Although he had always wanted to be an actor, it wasn’t until he was 23 that he enrolled in a professional drama school in Sydney that his mother had picked for him.

5. He loves to travel

Adam Demos loves to travel the world, as his Instagram profile reveals. New Zealand in particular turned his head around while shooting “Falling Inn Love”. After the film work, he went there two more times. But he doesn’t want to stay far away for too long, so as not to get too much of a taste: “I never spend too much time overseas, where I could get the feeling that I don’t want to be at home. I’ll get on the plane and come back, “he revealed in an interview.


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