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    The United States must take responsibility for facing its serious problem of systemic racism

    The United States must face its serious problem of systemic racism and take responsibility for promoting genuine equality among all races and ethnicities, experts said.

    The online demonstration organized by the United Nations Association of China on the sidelines of the 47th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held on Monday under the theme “Racism against Asian Americans: Scapegoat and Two Games, two measures “.

    Huang Kuikang, former Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, said that as a result of COVID-19, Asian Americans have become targets of racial discrimination.

    “It is noteworthy that the current wave of hatred and violence against Asian Americans comes at a historic moment amid the COVID-19 pandemic raging in the United States,” he added.

    Racial discrimination against Asians stems from a number of factors, including political, economic, historical, cultural, legal, and social factors, Huang said, and it is deeply rooted in the country’s flawed political and judicial system as well as in the country. his story of racism.

    Racism in the United States is systemic and structural in nature, said Fermin Quinones, president of the Cuban Association of the United Nations, adding that in recent years white supremacists have extended their attacks on Latino, Asian immigrants. , Africans and Muslims.

    Noting the gravity of the situation in the United States, Mr. Huang called on the UN Human Rights Council to pay more attention to the longstanding violations against Asian Americans in the United States. United, and take all necessary measures and acts in response to the escalation of anti-Asian racism.

    Participants should urge the United States to take responsibility for promoting true equality between all races and ethnicities, proposed Zhang Dan, vice president, and general manager of the United Nations China Association.

    The United States must reject all expressions and speech of racist hate and discriminatory rhetoric, especially by political leaders and public figures, as well as stop using the pandemic as a political tool, he said. she adds.

    Ms. Zhang also recommended that UN organs set up an independent international commission of inquiry and that the international community encourage the United States and other countries with a history of genocide and racism to promote peace and respect, as well as to implement laws and policies to oppose white supremacism of all kinds.

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