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    The graceful beauty has changed! Nicole Kidman’s incredible appearance changes

    The famous Hollywood actress of Australian descent has recently faced criticism for her love of plastic surgery. We have followed Nicole Kidman’s transformations – from her first films to the most recent.

    “Bandits on Bicycles” (1983)

    Nicole starred in this picture at the age of 16. A girl with bright blue eyes and a cute face framed by exuberant red curls immediately fell in love with millions of teenagers. The authoritative The Guardian then wrote: “The film starred a girl named Nicole Kidman – she is very good.” It was with the role of Judy that the brilliant career of the actress began. The girl was showered with invitations to movies and TV shows.

    Days of Thunder (1990)

    An absolutely iconic film for Nicole. On the set, the 23-year-old rising star met Tom Cruise. For her sake, he divorced Mimi Rogers. The actor immediately married a pretty partner. The couple adopted two children, daughter Isabella and son Connor. However, 10 years later, one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples broke up. Nevertheless, many fans of the actress will remember her for her role as Dr. Claire Levitsky. Nicole entered the world of cinema as a refined graceful beauty with a snub nose and lush blond curls.

    Batman Forever (1995)

    The spectacular Australian received an invitation to the third film in the superhero tetralogy. Val Kilmer became Kidman’s partner. Nicole as Dr. Chase Meridian graced the picture. A bright sexy actress with fiery hair and an impeccable figure looked very impressive. The little black dress and the invariable red lipstick were remembered by the fans of the star.

    “Moulin rouge!” (2001)

    Nicole starred in this brilliant project at the age of 34. She received an Oscar nomination, and the musical itself won two statuettes. Many believe that this is one of the best works of the artist. It is worth noting that she and her partner Ewan McGregor performed all the vocals themselves. Here the actress appeared with a darker, almost terracotta hair color. She also dazzled in colorful costumes and fancy headdresses. In general, the actress and courtesan Satine, thanks to Nicole’s natural beauty, fell in love with even those viewers who hate musicals.

    “Clock” (2002)

    Of course, one cannot fail to recall the role of the writer Virginia Wolfe in the drama for which Kidman received the long-awaited Oscar. It is impossible to recognize the artist here – no makeup, blush, lush Hollywood curls … A modest mouse, one might even say, ugly. This effect was achieved thanks to makeup and a false nose to give the actress a greater likeness to her heroine. Incidentally, the notorious producer Harvey Weinstein fiercely opposed disfiguring Nicole, but director Stephen Daldry defended his opinion. And he made the right decision. The picture became one of the most notable film events of the year. Gross worldwide fundraising amounted to more than $ 108 million.

    Princess of Monaco (2014)

    In the biopic, Nicole played the brilliant Grace Kelly, who, from a Hollywood super diva, became a representative of the royal family. Nicole talentedly showed all the doubts and sufferings of the famous predecessor, who was torn between duty and love for cinema. Many have criticized the drama for not looking like Kelly at all. One thing is indisputable, in beauty she is not inferior to her.

    Big Little Lies (2017)

    In the HBO series, which has already become a cult, Nicole played the best friend of the main character Madeleine, played by Reese Witherspoon. Celeste Wright is a successful lawyer. She has an outwardly successful marriage, in which two twins are growing up. Many fans of the actress noted that here she looks somewhat different, which, however, is not surprising. At the time of the start of filming, the super diva turned 50 years old.

    “Scandal” (2019)

    The film, based on a true story, chronicles the sexual harassment that Fox News CEO Roger Isles subjected his employees to. Nicole played the role of Gretchen Carlson, who started a campaign against the boss. Her partners were the brilliant Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie. All three actresses have received nominations for prestigious awards. At the Oscar, the picture was awarded a statuette in the category “Best makeup and hairstyles.” However, because of this picture, Nicole received a wave of criticism due to her dramatically changed appearance.

    Previously, Nicole Kidman was at the center of a scandal. She was hit at the theater in the presence of her husband Keith Urban.

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