Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    Sharon Stone, 64, poses confidently in a bikini

    What can be noticed is that Sharon still looks great

    Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, with whose movies growing up generation, many are considered one of the most fatal women in the world of the nineties, and now some reminded of that period.

    Namely, she posed in a yellow bikini and posted that photo on her Instagram profile, and she delighted many with this post.

    What can be noticed is that Sharon still looks great, but also takes great care of his line, which is perfect in the seventh decade as well.

    “Happy summer,” she wrote, posing smiling.

    Recall, Sharon is still remembered by everyone for her leading role in the realization of “Low Passion”, she became a measure of sex appeal in the last century after the famous scene from that movie when she crossed her legs in front of detectives.

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