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    Paul Walker’s daughter will star in a film in which her father became famous

    Vin Diesel delighted fans of the franchise

    The movie “Hell Street 9” is shown in cinemas, and the 10th part of this popular film franchise will be shot. On this occasion, the main actor Vin Diesel (Diesel) also spoke about the possibility of the appearance of Meadow Walker (22), the daughter of the tragically deceased actor Paul Walker (Paul), whose acting career also began with the role in the franchise “Hell”. streets”.

    I would not rule out that possibility – Diesel said when asked for the “E! Entertainment” portal if he would make his debut as an actress in the 10th part of the franchise, and then he added:

    “Without revealing the secrets of the movie” Hell Street 10 “, I will tell you that no possibility has been ruled out.

    Recall, Medo was 14 years old when her father died. It was during the filming of the seventh part of the franchise, and the film was completed with the help of his brothers Cody and Caleb and with the use of CGI.

    When the tragedy happened in 2013, we stopped shooting the film for five months – said Vin and explained how the film studio accepted their decision to have the character of Paul Walker appear as part of the mythology:

    “Yet we started this franchise together, which started our fraternity. Our fraternity will outlive this franchise.”

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