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    Lawyers are fighting over Tanja Savic, followed by a fight for custody

    There is no limit to what I would do for my family, I would even take my children away from their mother – said the singer’s ex-husband

    Tanja Savic finally brought her sons to Serbia after a year and a half in Australia. The singer went straight from the airport with her heirs to her apartment in Smederevo, where she will continue living together. As the fight for guardianship continues, Tanja is facing a big fight in the future, which is why many law firms have called to provide her with free help and advocate for her.

    Although the singer has a team of lawyers who helped her reach her sons, what awaits her is equally difficult. Upon her arrival at the airport, Tanja said in a conversation with the media that she would allow the children to talk to their father Dušan Jovancevic and that the fight over custody would continue.

    My sons will still be able to talk to Dad when they want. I will not defend it to them. Guardianship is not over yet. We have yet to start with that. I can’t talk much – said Tanja.

    Her husband Dusan Jovancevic has now spoken out, for the first time since the singer and sons arrived in Serbia.

    I’m fine, a living man gets used to everything. Children give me strength and because of them, I have to be strong! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger for sure. Of course, I miss Maxim and George, they are my life, because of them I exist! There is no limit to what I would do for my family. I would even take the children away from their mothers – Jovancevic said for “Alo” without any feelings and added that he is in constant contact with his sons.

    On the other hand, since she met her sons again, Tanja does not hide that she is the happiest woman and mother in the world.

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