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    He went to withdraw money from the ATM and his account balance had a billion dollars

    One woman thought she had that huge amount of money in her bank account when she tried to withdraw $ 20. The curious explanation of the bank.

    When Julia Yonkowski checked her account balance at Chase Bank before making the small withdrawal on Saturday, her receipt showed $ 999,985,855.94 in her account.

    The astonished customer told a local radio station that she wanted to return the huge amount because it was a mistake but she could not get someone to attend to her at her bank.

    “Oh my gosh, I was horrified. I know most people would think I won the lottery, but I was horrified, ”Yonkowski said.

    “When I put in the $ 20, the teller came back and said we will give him the $ 20, but that will cause an overdraft and he will be charged and I said, ‘Oh, forget it,'” he said, adding that he hasn’t touched his account since.

    But Chase spokeswoman Amy Bonitatibus clarified to the New York Post that what Yonkowski thought was a balance was actually a negative amount that the bank released “to draw your attention to a problem with your account. ”

    “Our local branch and customer service group spoke with Ms. Yonkowski yesterday to clarify the discrepancy,” he said.

    Yonkowski was concerned about what happened: “I know I have read stories about people who took the money or took the money, and then they had to return it and I would not do that anyway because it is not my money.”

    And he added: “It scares me a little because you know with cyber threats. You know I don’t know what to think. “

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