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    Danis Tanovic – Bosnian cinematography needs money and power that understands the importance of culture

    This is my house, it’s nice to leave, but also to come back

    Danis Tanovic, director and the only Bosnia and Herzegovina. an Oscar winner, a man of few words. But each utterance has its own weight and significance. As a film worker, he greatly contributes to his homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and through his projects, he almost always talks about topics that are at the core of local society.

    For “Media”, the Oscar winner talked about just that, as well as other topics related to him and the film world.

    Fog in Sarajevo

    Yesterday, the project of “Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecom” was presented on the occasion of the cooperation of this company with domestic production companies and directors with whom in the coming period, through the platform BHContentLab, will jointly realize the filming of several domestic feature TV series. He will invest 18 million KM for that in three years.

    One of the three series that will be filmed is “Kotlina”, which will be directed by Tanovic. Everything is in preparation and, in addition to him, Amra Baksic-Camo, Nikola Kupresanin, and Adnan Lugonic will also work on the script.

    We are writing and working, we should start preparations at the beginning of autumn, so that we can start filming before the end of autumn, more precisely when the fog starts in Sarajevo – said Tanovic.

    For “Media”, he also revealed some details about the new project.

    Here, I’ll tell you the premise. There is a murder in the National Museum. A detective story, but I will not reveal it again because I never talk about these things in advance – Tanovic told us.

    Through his work, Tanovic emphasizes the positive in our society, which are certainly friendship and courage.

    This is what his new film “Ten in Half” is about, which was filmed in the heart of Sarajevo last month. But, through the eternal question of where kebabs are best and comedy, Tanović also deals with the issue of people leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    It’s a story of friendship at the time of the corona. Simply, last summer I was sitting on the terrace and the story began, that is, the quarrel about where the best kebabs are. And I used that as a moment on the basis of which I made a story about the friendship of two men in difficult times – Tanovic pointed out.

    21 days

    When asked why he remains in his homeland, where the situation is difficult for everyone, even for members of his industry, Tanovic answers:

    This is my house. It’s nice to leave, but it’s always nicer to come back. Here is where Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cinematography? All we need is money and a government that understands the importance of culture and sports, and not to give us back the national team because they did not number the side. In any normal state, the Minister of Culture would be fired, not to mention that the Prime Minister would resign if something like that happened. But, lo and behold, we live in a country where they always have an excuse why something didn’t happen.

    Tanovic said a few years ago that it was difficult to film in Bosnia and Herzegovina, right after he finished the series “Success” for HBO production.

    It’s hard, but where you’re going, it’s best for me to shoot here. It’s hard for me to record either. If it’s hard for me, you can imagine how it is for the others. You see, I have now made a film for 21 working days. But, be careful, for money that is a normal salary for a director in Europe, not to mention something else. We shot the whole movie. We are fighting. This initiative is excellent, it is wonderful that “Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecom” launched it. I hope that this is a renaissance of Bosnia and Herzegovina. cinematography – concluded Tanovic.

    Considering that he has worked a lot in the past period, he told us:

    Now I’m tired, I was preparing a film, so filming and editing came. I can’t wait to go take a bath – Tanovic said with a laugh.

    I want to see people

    We are looking forward to SFF, we hope that it will be held. It all depends on the pandemic, as before. If the numbers are good, great, if they aren’t, we’ll shut down and watch online. What can I tell you? We would all love, we are all eager, I am eager to see people, to talk, to watch movies in cinemas – said Tanovic.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina cinematography does not exist

    Things are finally returning to normal. I welcome the project on behalf of all colleagues and we are happy that this has happened. Bosnia and Herzegovina cinematography does not exist. She was buried by not investing, by the wrong attitude. This is the resurrection of Bosnia and Herzegovina cinematography and, thanks to “Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecom”, we will have the opportunity to restart cinematography and production. In the next two years, we will renovate it and bring professionals back into this business and train new people. I hope that this is the beginning and that people will recognize this, but also other companies. “Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecom” is not the only one that can do that – Tanovic said during yesterday’s press conference.

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