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Become the largest manufacturers in the world

Become the largest manufacturers in the world

The first shoveling of Algalif’s new factory was taken on Friday 4 June. The estimated cost of building the factory is around ISK 4 billion. It is estimated that about one hundred jobs will be created during the construction of the factory and that there will be about 80 permanent jobs after the expansion.

Al-ga-life is the biggest or├żorungafyriraeki in Iceland and one of the largest in Europe. After the expansion gives the company the largest producer in the world astax-Anthia, according to a notification by Al-ga-life.

Astaxanthin is used in supplements and cosmetics worldwide. The company estimates that with the construction of the new factory, the annual production will go from just over 1.5 tonnes of astaxanthin to just over 5 tonnes. The production capacity of the new factory will, therefore, more than triple.

The company places great emphasis on environmentally friendly production and no fossil fuels are used in the production. Algalif estimates that carbon sequestration will decrease from around 80 tonnes per year to 250 tonnes after the expansion, and if this continues, the company’s carbon footprint will be negative.

The company was founded in 2012 and is owned by Norwegian investors. About 40 people work for the company and the annual turnover is about 1.5 billion ISK


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