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    How to detect breast cancer early – Experts

    Clinical examination is of paramount importance

    No organ of the human body as a breast has more characteristics related to life, and it is practically possible to live without it. Rarely is any organ available for examination and therapy as a breast. It is therefore surprising that, for example, in the population of women in the United States, breast cancer is on the list of causes of death from malignant diseases, second only to lung cancer.

    Once a month

    According to the current frequency of occurrence, it is calculated that every eighth or ninth American woman will get breast cancer during her life. There are no statistics for BiH, but, unfortunately, it should be similar, which is an alarming figure.

    Self-examination is the most important for early detection of breast cancer.

    The patient is able to feel even tumefactions less than one centimeter, which is difficult, sometimes impossible, for the doctor. The self-examination also includes an examination of the armpits and doors and should be done at least once a month.

    Reliable method

    Further diagnosis is indicated in suspicious cases and includes, at the surgeon’s discretion in accordance with the clinical situation, laboratory findings, ultrasound examination, X-ray findings – primarily mammography, cytological analysis, biopsy with PH (pathohistological analysis under a microscope), magnetic resonance imaging and the like.

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    So, the question of screening for early detection of breast cancer arises, and it implies that every woman between the ages of 35 and 40 should do the so-called. basic mammography.

    Mammography is a reliable method by which cancer can be diagnosed before it reaches the size necessary to be palpable, and in some cases, cancer can be detected two years before it becomes as palpable as possible.

    The advice to women is not to forget about self-examination, at least once a month. A breast ultrasound should be done at least every two years. Mammography should be done at the age of 40.

    Men can also get breast cancer

    Bilateral breast augmentation in men is mainly related to benign gynecomastia, which is an aesthetic and psychological problem, and sometimes a functional one. If breast enlargement in a man, especially over 50 years of age, is on one side only, breast cancer should be ruled out. Here, too, regular breast self-examination is important. The patient must contact his doctor immediately if he sees or feels an enlarged mammary gland, especially on one side.

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