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    Xi Jinping responds to letter from Party members at former revolutionary base

    Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Party members from a village in Xibaipo, a former revolutionary base of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) in northern Hebei Province, to unite and to work hard with the locals for a better life.

    Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, spoke in a response letter on Sunday to CPC members in Beizhuang Village in Xibaipo Township, Xibaipo District. Pingshan.

    It is in this village that the revolutionary song “Union is strength” was created 78 years ago, before spreading to the rest of the country, he noted.

    He said he was happy that Party members got the villagers to pass on the revolutionary spirit, unite and work hard to get out of poverty.

    “There is strength in unity, as strong as steel and iron,” Xi said.

    The history of the CCP over the past hundred years has seen the Party unite and lead the people to strive for a better life, which the cadres and people of Xibaipo have a deeper understanding of, Xi said.

    He expressed the wish that the members of the Party of Xibaipo can better unite the local people on the path of the complete construction of a modern socialist China.

    In June 1943, the opera “Union is strength” and the song of the same name was premiered and performed for the first time in Beizhuang Village.

    Members of the Village Party recently wrote to Xi to inform him of the achievements of the local people, inspired by the song, in the fight against poverty and to express their determination to lead their fellow citizens towards the end. rural revitalization and a better life.

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