Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    Unknown perpetrators killed Lady Gaga’s dog walker and kidnapped her pets

    Lady Gaga was faced with terrible news

    After appearing in Rome this week with a whole new image, pop star Lady Gaga has faced terrible news from America. A walker of her pets was shot four times in West Hollywood.

    Rajn Fischer, a man hired by the 34-year-old pop star to walk and take care of his pets – three dogs named Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustavo, was shot yesterday morning not far from his home in West Hollywood.

    According to local police, Fischer could barely breathe with the four gunshot wounds he received, and he arrived at the hospital in a pre-death condition.

    Two of the three pets of the famous singer and actress, the dogs Koji and Gustavo, were abducted while a dog named Miss Asia managed to escape and the police forces managed to find and take care of him after the horrific accident.

    Fischer took care of the pop star’s pets during her visit to Italy, and according to police, it is suspected that Gaga’s staff member was shot by two African-Americans wearing baseball caps on their heads and leaving the scene in a white BMW.

    Latest Posts


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