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    Does castor oil promote hair growth?

    Castor oil is often used in the preparation of cosmetics or hair preparations

    If you have ever struggled with thin or cracked ends, or you are dissatisfied with the quality of your hair for some other reason, there is a good chance that you are familiar with the magical properties of castor oil.

    A quick search on YouTube will provide you with dozens of testimonials about the positive properties of castor oil, which is very often used by many Hollywood stars. However, the question of whether castor oil promotes hair growth itself provokes divided opinions in the public. Myth or not?

    Castor oil is often used in the preparation of cosmetics or hair preparations. Although there is no scientific evidence that this oil really promotes hair growth, according to experts, practice shows otherwise.

    • Its antibacterial properties largely prevent inflammation of hair follicles, while ricinoleic acid stimulates circulation and helps hair growth – claims hairdresser Bridgette Hill.

    But in order to have an effect, the oil must be partially heated, and you need to leave it (at least thirty minutes) to “do its thing” .

    Castor oil is used for all hair types, but it is recommended to be avoided by people who have a problem with dandruff which, in combination with the oil, can only be further dispersed.

    When it comes to applying castor oil on eyelashes or eyebrows, beauticians and scientists call for caution, especially when it comes to removing makeup with this oil. If you still want to replace micellar water with castor oil, talk to an ophthalmologist or have an allergy test beforehand.

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