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    Vuk Mob revealed how he felt after “Zadruga”, so he told what he was arguing with his fiance about

    Vukadin will soon become the father of a girl, he says the news makes him very nervous.

    The rapper and former participant of the reality show Vuk Mob was a guest on the show “Exclusive”. He talked about returning home after “Zadruga”, the baby he will soon have, but also about his fiance Olivera Konatar.

    • I have been working almost every weekend for almost six years, America was also agreed. I’m a little tired of all this. I said that something should happen to me not to go to the performance, to rest, and then the crown came in, but we have to work somehow – said Vuk.

    He then discovered what the reactions were when he came home from reality.

    When I came I didn’t see anything, I loved the floor, the tables, the piano, the stairs, I missed the house so much. In reality, we hide food, juices, juice is a luxury there, and now I open the fridge and there is juice, there is beer, no one took it from me – the rapper joked.

    Vukadin will soon become the father of a girl, he says that the news makes him very nervous and that he is still not aware that he will soon get someone who will mean the most to him in the world.

    “I’m a little scared sometimes, I see Olja going up and down, I would build a fence around her, bring her food, and she should just sit there, ” he said, then recounting how he met Oliver.

    • We met four months before we got in touch. She interviewed me, I liked her, I took the number and the correspondence started – Vuk added.

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