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    What a dad, what a son, this is a handsome heir to the legendary Silent from – Written Off

    His father’s popularity, he says, was never a burden to him

    Belgrade actor Voja Brajović was one of those guys for whom many women throughout the former state sighed. One of the most notable roles, today a 71-year-old actor , was in the cult series “Otpisani” in which he played the character of Tiho. More or less everything is known about Voja, but the public is less aware that he has a striking son who inherited his good genetics.

    Legendary actor Voja Brajović has been happily married for 18 years to 23-year-old actress Milica Mihajlović and with whom he has a son, Relj. But few are aware that they already have one marriage behind them. In the first, with his wife Ljiljana, he had a daughter, Iskra Brajović Babić, who is also an actress and a son, Vukota, who attracts the attention of many women.

    -The most difficult, and perhaps the worst role, but also the most responsible because children do not become their own people, but remain so while we as their parents are alive. While I am alive to be a support to my children, but how will they be a support to their children? I am not talking now only about my children, but about all new generations – he said earlier for the Croatian media.

    A few years ago, his son Vukota Brajović became one of the most sought-after male models in Serbia, but then he left the fashion world to dedicate himself to work in the film industry. He appeared in the film “Zone of the Dead” in which he was a screenwriter, producer and actor. He also runs the fashion blog “Style by Vukota”, where he follows events in the world of men’s fashion.

    -The fact that someone is watching you in a positive light can’t help but please, but I’ve never been someone who attaches too much importance to it. It is more important that someone recognizes what you are doing, that you reach people through any kind of creativity. Only then did you do something really impressive – he said in an interview for our paper.

    His father’s popularity, he says, was never a burden to him.

    -I am infinitely proud of my father and I look forward to his success as much as I would to mine. As a kid, I thought I would have a hard time repeating his success and I made a series of strange and wrong decisions. As they say, I became a rebel for no reason. It didn’t help me in my career, but the recognizability of the surname is something that certainly doesn’t hurt, especially when you want to present your project to potential partners – said Vukota, who loves horror movies and rock and roll music, long walks and jogging.

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