Nikolina Pisek spoke after the earthquake in Zagreb, the host in fear

It’s stressful, for me it usually comes with a little delay

After the earthquake, which hit Croatia early this morning, host Nikolina Pisek spoke up, revealed what everything looked like, and admitted that she felt fear.

  • It is very unusual that everything happened almost under the same circumstances as last time in March. Morning, 6.30 am, quarantine, sleet, and temperature around zero – said Nikolina for “MegaloPreneur”.

She said she was only afraid now.

  • It’s stressful, for me it usually comes with a slight delay… so I’m only now starting to feel fear – adds the popular presenter.

The presenter also revealed what life in Zagreb looks like after the natural disaster that befell them.

  • I hope that is it, that there will be no major and subsequent earthquakes, life in our country has continued as usual and I notice that people have silently gone through everything that happened this morning. No one is too dramatic, this year has compared us well. Basically, we will tolerate up to 5.2 degrees, Richter, just so that there is no more than that – says the presenter and adds:
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