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    New rules for treating COVID-19 at home came into force in Russia

    The patient should have a separate room in which he can isolate.

    Patients diagnosed with coronavirus can now be treated at home, subject to a number of conditions.

    According to the order of the department, in order to receive medical care at home, the patient should not live in a communal apartment or hostel with people over 65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases.

    The new rules for outpatient treatment of coronavirus infection of the Ministry of Health on Sunday, November 8, came into force, Parlamentskaya Gazeta reports. The patient should have a separate room in which he can isolate. In addition, the patient is obliged to comply with all medical appointments and sanitary prescriptions during the entire period of treatment.

    The doctor must inform the patient that if the state of health worsens, it is necessary to call the doctors. The health worker must also inform those living with the sick person that they need to stay in other rooms and observe sanitary rules, as well as remind both the patient and other residents of criminal liability in case of violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules that led to the infection of others.

    In addition, patients with coronavirus infection can be discharged from the hospital for outpatient treatment before receiving a negative test for COVID-19.

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