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    Diana Chipar – Dubai’s famous fashion influencer

    While the next stop will be to be worthy of her own set of wings, for the time being, Diana Chipar is running in the right social circles.

    The now 33-year-old Diana Chipar used to be a celebrity stylist, but it wasn’t until she moved to Dubai in 2007. She started her career being a model stylist and has worked for many different celebrities. Soon after that she started focusing more on her social media presence and turned into an influencer. One thing that keeps Diana separated from other influencers is that she takes her own photos, edits them, and posts them on various handles. Many big brands had their eye on her and she was booked for many tv commercials as well.

    “Fashion and beauty has been my passion since I remember myself. Working as a model for 10 years helped me develop a strong sense of fashion. Being surrounded by brilliant and talented designers and make-up artists, photographers opened so many doors for me to evolve into a Wardrobe/ Celebrity Stylist. While working I loved posting my work on Instagram as a mood board. Being an influencer came naturally and organically over time. People liked the sense of style I used to dress my models and celebrities in so it was an easy transition for me.”


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    Diana Chipar is considered one of the most successful female influencers based out of Dubai. She came to Dubai in 2007 when she was just 20, and started her career as a beauty/makeup consultant. Soon after that, a designer from Italy got a chance to identify her talent and got her into the world of modeling.

    Starting from humble beginnings as a makeup consultant to blazing the ramps as a model stylist, then becoming an influencer and working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Diana truly has walked the path that every upcoming influencer aspires.

    Diana has also walked some of the biggest runways across the world including Cavali, Furne Amato, Essa Walla, MAC, Make Up Forever, etc.

    Recently, Diana also did some fashion scenes for TV commercials and video clips for celebrities like Ramy Ayach and Dounia Batma. Now, she continues to make appearances for other major brands across the country.

    As a blogger and a social media influencer now, Diana has also managed to work with big brands like Banana Republic, Pinko, Bulgari, Poca, and Poca, etc.

    Diana speaks about timeless beauty and social media

    I’m trying to stay focused as we go along. I think timeless beauty is not only about fashion, it’s not even about trends. I think a lot of that has as much to do with what people are from the inside and what they do.

     – “I really think that my style appeals because modest fashion is growing and I am able to showcase it to my followers as an Influencer. My goal is to remain a championing modest fashion, however, keeping it modern.”

    On the other hand, social media is like another job and I think that’s a lot of pressure, especially for many younger girls… you’re changing and it’s easier to make mistakes and, unfortunately, now, the whole world can see you. In my case, I am the only person who is managing the account, photography, editing, and posting part.

     – “My followers mostly try to connect with me through the Q&A’s that I conduct on my social media handles. The replies mostly come from stories related to skin and hair routines. Sometimes, I also post cooking recipes that my audience should try as well.”

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