Home Entertainment They separate five parrots because they were insulting visitors

They separate five parrots because they were insulting visitors

They separate five parrots because they were insulting visitors
The birds had been adopted the same week and were quarantined together, taking the opportunity to teach each other new insults.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park zoo in the UK had to temporarily recall five parrots because they insulted visitors, Lincolnshire Live reports. All five birds were recently adopted and quarantined together.

Park Executive Director Steve Nichols says laughter from visitors and from the parrots themselves further encourages them to swear. “When you have four or five [parrots] together who have learned insults and naturally learned to laugh, if one curse, another laughs, and before you know it all becomes a retired workers club scene where They’re just cursing and laughing, “he joked.

The executive added that the zoo, with more than 1,500 parrots in its facilities, sometimes receives a new specimen that uses bad words, and the others got used to it and found it very funny. “But coincidentally, we took in five in a week and since they were together in their quarantine, this meant that the room was filled with cursing birds,” Nichols said.

The park manager claims that visitors were really enjoying hearing the parrots’ swearing, but the staff was concerned about the children who often come on weekends. “We put them in an aviary outside the main territory with the intention that they begin to learn the sounds of other birds around them,” he explained. Likewise, the group will be separated later so that they do not motivate each other to continue uttering insults.

According to Nichols, with their swear words, these birds have added an element of fun to the troubled times of the pandemic, as has another parrot in the park, Chico, who appeared on the covers of the world in September with his interpretation of the song. If I Were A Boy ‘, by Beyonce, in a practically identical tone to the original.


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