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    The struggle with the system ended the marriage

    The ex-husband of a woman with MS says that everything went smoothly until she was denied the necessary home care in Kopavogur and it was decided that she should go to a nursing home. He no longer has the capacity to serve her, the struggle with the system has ended the marriage.

    We told yesterday about Margret, a mother of two with the neurological disease MS. After she had to be admitted to hospital in January, Kopavogsbaer terminated her home care service and it was decided without consultation with her that she go to a nursing home. She is now still homeless nine months later and is staying in temporary accommodation at Droplaugastadir, which will end in a month.

    Porir Ingi Fridriksson, her ex-husband, says the struggle with the system is terrible.

    “Theta is scary to put on people, this is a very long struggle and the system is not helping. She thought until May that she had been admitted to a new nursing home at Hrafnista, but then it turned out that Hrafnista wanted more for the care because she needed more than one full-time position. It was therefore requested to receive more money from the state. The Minister of Health put this in a committee and it was decided to get Sjukratryggingar in the case and that process is still going on now three months later, “says Porir.

    He says that the difficulties have gone with the marriage.

    “It has been a very difficult year for us, it all went well last year and until she went to the hospital. This has just ended our relationship because we have not received enough service. Then from Kopavogsaer but we called for more service from there as she has gotten sicker more than we did not get and it has bothered me to service her. Kopavogur only got into this but not enough at all. It is not easy to be in full-time work and to be in nursing work too. No one can tolerate such a situation for many years. I just gave up, I do not have endless patience. This is the end of our marriage, “says Porir.

    In law states that services for the disabled shall aim at the people receiving the necessary support to be able to enjoy full human rights on an equal basis with others and thus create conditions for independent living on their own terms.

    Fréttastofa requested a response from Kopavogur town and in an announcement today from there it is stated that the town will, in collaboration with the state, try to become the person in question for the services to which it is entitled.

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