Take Control Now- With this breast cancer campaign, ghd wants to remind women to feel their breasts

Breast cancer screening – a topic that many women do not have on their radar. With the Take Control Now campaign and the limited styling tools from the Powder Pink Collection, ghd wants to draw attention to the importance of this topic.

“Give your breasts time in front of the mirror” – that is the message of the current Powder Pink Collection and campaign “Take Control Now” from ghd. Palpating your own breasts is an important part of breast cancer screening. Unfortunately, many women often forget this, as international figures show. According to the WHO, 120,000 women under the age of 35 are diagnosed with breast cancer annually (Global Cancer Observatory, 2018). However, only one in two women regularly scans their breasts for signs of breast cancer (Breast Cancer Now the UK, 2018) – although it is recommended that this be done at least once a month.

Breast cancer screening: Look at your breasts in the mirror and feel them

For 15 years now, the styling tool brand ghd has supported breast cancer organizations around the world every year. This year, the campaign will focus on preventive care to remind women to give their breasts more time in front of the mirror and to appeal that palpation should become routine. For the visualization, ghd teamed up with eleven women, all of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 35.

Under the motto “Take Control Now” they share their inspiring and moving stories in order to create more awareness for palpation of their own breast. Because let’s be honest: we have time every day for hairstyling – so we can also take time for our breasts. That is why the phrase “Take Control Now” is engraved on every styling tool from the Powder Pink Collection so that we are reminded of this with every styling.

Strong women: These are the ambassadors for ghd’s “Take Control Now” campaign

Caro Kotke (31) is one of the eleven women who share their stories with us. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29. She recalls:

“I had just started a new job and was out and about. In the evening in bed, I felt a tug in my chest. Something was strange! I felt it and felt a small bump. I showed it to my boyfriend, but still at this point not taken seriously. I thought it would go away on its own. A month later my friend drew my attention to the abnormality again. He said: ‘Let me check that, please go to the gynecologist.’ Thank goodness I listened to my boyfriend because that’s where I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I would advise all women to take care of their bodies and become aware of them, and regular palpation could be incorporated into their morning routine.

You too can help: This is how the Powder Pink Collection supports DKMS with its proceeds

For every styling tool sold from the Powder Pink Collection by ghd, 10 euros will be donated to the “Look Good Feel Better” from DKMS Life. The program aims to give girls and women with cancer hope and courage to face life in order to support them during their therapy. Every year more than 1,500 cosmetic seminars for cancer patients in therapy are held in around 300 medical facilities thanks to “Look Good Feel Better” from DKMS Life.

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