Sofia Vergara: After her brother was killed, she fled Colombia

American-Colombian actress Sofia Vergara celebrated her 48th birthday on July 10. The star of the series “Modern Family” is one of the highest-paid actresses on small screens, and her roses are blooming on a private level with her husband, the beautiful actor Joe Manganiello. Still, this time beautiful Sofia walked through sunny Los Angeles without a husband, turning her head in a simple combination of beige pants and a plain, black T-shirt.

The actress is known for the fact that in her free time she loves to wear pants that look like saliva, while on the red carpets she chooses glamorous, long dresses that nicely emphasize her hourglass figure. Also, the beauties always wear platforms that further emphasize the fantastic line, and so it was this time as well.

She met her husband at a gala dinner at the White House in 2014, but she was still engaged to Nick Loeb at the time. Joe immediately spotted the beautiful actress, and he himself admitted that he couldn’t help but look at her. He still didn’t approach her because of her engagement, but that’s why Jesse Tyler Ferguson, her colleague from the “Modern Family” set, approached him later that night and said, “Hey, my friend Sofia wants to come and say hello.” To this Joe asked him: “Sofia whose fiancé is also here at the party?”. Then Ferguson explained, “She’s just your big fan. She wanted to meet. ” He agreed, Sofia approached him, they talked nicely, but he didn’t ask for a number. A few weeks later, Sofia publicly announced that she had broken off her engagement and was single again, and Joe wasted no time. He called Jesse Tyler Ferguson and asked for her number.

In late 2015, the couple got married at a glamorous ceremony in Florida in front of 400 guests. Even today, they are one of the sweetest, but also the most beautiful couples among the rich and famous, and this was Sofia’s second marriage.

She first married her first love from high school, who is also called Joe but has the last name Gonzalez, and Sofia was only 18 at the time. The marriage lasted from 1991 to 1993, and during that short time, the couple had a son, Manol, with whom Sofia is strongly connected. Before becoming the highest-paid TV actress, Sofia worked as a model and experienced a great family tragedy that caused her to flee her native Colombia. Namely, in 1998, her brother Rafael was killed during an attempted abduction, and the actress does not talk about it. Also, Tom Cruise wanted her to be his wife, but she refused.

Cassandra Haider
Cassandra Haider
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