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    She miraculously survived: She jumped from the 8th floor to run away from the violent guy

    A story similar to the one for which Zdravko Colic sang the song “She sleeps” comes to us from Australia. Fortunately, this time the girl survived, unlike Milica Kostic, a student at the medical high school in Krusevac, whose tragedy shook the entire former Yugoslavia. Even today, especially in the media, on every anniversary, it is recalled that on September 2, 1974, Milica jumped from the 11th floor, fleeing from the rapist.

    She jumped from the 8th floor

    Georgia Brodrick, 22, jumped from the 8th floor of an apartment in Melbourne to escape a violent boyfriend. The young player, after learning that he was cheating on her, met an enraged guy, who started hitting her. In fear, she invited her father to come, but since the situation was already serious, she threw herself from the eighth floor and fell on the fence, and her body bounced into a nearby ditch. She was taken to the hospital and placed in an induced coma.

    Her arm was amputated halfway, and doctors only gave her a 10 percent chance of survival due to injuries. Yet, fortunately, she survived and passed without brain damage.

    He doesn’t remember the moment before the jump. She was fed on a tube for three weeks and is now moving with a wheelchair.

    She recently spoke about the emotional abuse she suffered from her now ex-boyfriend.

    – When I tried to leave him, he was sitting at the front door and would not let me out of the apartment. The family tried to warn me because they could see his manipulations, so he constantly blamed them for my insecurity – she told the Australian newspaper, reports ” Daily Mail “.

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