Seven mistakes most often made by fathers

Many made mistakes in their upbringing, and those mistakes turned out to be fatal

Although every parent strives to do the best for their children, many make mistakes in their upbringing, and those mistakes turn out to be fatal – they destroy the relationship with the father and can affect your son’s entire life.

  1. Fathers play a key role when it comes to the transition from kindergarten to school age and gaining new friends. Fathers use even different words in conversation than moms, which helps boys to improve better communication skills. However, if you are too protective and try to control everything, the child will have a problem building relationship with new friends and coping properly in the new environment. The father should certainly follow what is happening in the child’s life and add his advice, but only when necessary – not to determine to the child what and how to do it.
  2. Fathers often choose to work hard to provide their children with everything they need, but in the end, it often ends with the father and son seeing each other briefly during the day. This is not good for either of you. The presence of the father in the boy’s life boosts his self-confidence, helps him face some life problems and of course, helps you to have a better relationship with your child.
  3. Fathers often try to keep their son out of every possible dangerous situation. However, if you do not allow him to face some dangers, you will later have a child full of fears. Children who did not take any risks in childhood are less likely to become independent in adulthood. Seven mistakes most often made-MegaloPreneur
  4. And while girls are encouraged to show their feelings, fathers often advise sons to hide them. This is a big mistake because repressed emotions can manifest at any time in adulthood and ruin your child’s life. If your son does not know how to deal with emotional problems, he will be anxious and stressed, and in the future, he will not know how to make lasting relationships.
  5. Your son needs discipline, but not in the form of punishment. Instead of choosing a way of upbringing that completely excludes showing love, which boys desperately need, you as a father are there to set reasonable rules and boundaries for your child and to teach him that every deed has its consequences. If you do this without showing love, your son will most likely be afraid of you, and in the future, he will be aggressive.
  6. The best way to learn through life is by mistake. If you see someone’s mistake and its consequences, you will think twice before doing the same. That is why you should not hide your bad decisions and obstacles that you have encountered, let your son learn something from your mistakes as well.
  7. If the son constantly sees how angry, nervous and you do not respect your wife, ie his mother, in that way you are laying the foundation for all future relations of your son with the opposite sex. The boy has to see his dad showing love. Even if you are divorced, let your son see that you treat his mother with respect. This will make him a good example of how he should treat his mother and sisters, and later the girls.
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