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SEKA ALEKSIC BANNED IN THE MEDIA BECAUSE OF THIS- The singer answered and said only one thing

Seka also revealed that her older son Jakov is now in the growing up phase when he is very restless, but that she tries to teach him when he has to listen and respect what his parents tell him.

Popular singer Seka Aleksic opened the doors of her luxury villa in Nova Pazova to the team of the show “Exclusive” and spoke about many topics she had been silent about for a long time.

I always said that I would like to live in a rainforest, I generally like greenery and this all in the yard has been growing for years. I also have a banana tree, and I also love conifers. Nothing was brought, everything is from here, done with taste, as my husband and I think it is beautiful. This is a hearth, we hang out there, light a fire in the evening, make something – said Seka as she described her yard full of greenery and various decorations.

Seka also revealed that her older son Jakov is now in the phase of growing up when he is very restless, but that she tries to teach him when he has to listen and respect what his parents tell him.

Jacob is a naughty boy, he likes to push toys, to enjoy. I don’t defend him, but when I do something more serious, then he has to learn to listen, that’s nice.

The singer pointed out that her husband Veljko Piljikic is a very careful and caring husband, and that he often surprises her with a nice gift.

I love it, I always have beautiful flowers in the house. My husband sends me flowers non-stop. Either he brings it to me, or if he goes on a trip, for a day or two, he sends me flowers, and surprises me. It happened recently, it is a sign of attention, and I think that every woman loves it, she loves attention, flowers in particular. We never quarrel so we don’t talk, we don’t live that way, our marriage is extremely harmonious, we live completely normally. There are moments when we disagree, it is a conflict of opinion, but it is also normal, and as far as love and harmony are concerned, it is very nice with us – said, Seka.

She also spoke about cooperation with the media and pointed out that she can now choose who to give an interview to and who not. Aleksic also said that it was never difficult for her to be banned in certain media in some period of her career.

I have come to that stage when I can say now I want to give an interview, now I will not, for this I want to give, for this I will not. Of course one has to choose where one will appear. Today you have a million singers who are singers for no reason, so do you have television, a show I have neither heard nor seen. Everyone should be respected, I understand everyone’s struggle to survive, that’s why I’m always available unless someone is rude and insults me in some way. If he insults me, I have nothing to talk to him about. I have gained patience over the years through experience, and most of all through my husband, who is calm. I am no longer as impulsive as I used to be – Seka pointed out and added:

It was not difficult for me that I was banned in some media at some moments, I did not experience it as something terrible. I wanted it that way, I entered into a new relationship, and even marriage, I wanted people to leave me alone so that I would not be in the media. When you’re a public figure, you have to understand and put up with some things, and I didn’t know that then. It annoyed me that the media intruded so much on my privacy.

One can often read a negative comment about her husband on social networks, and Seka points out that none of Veljko’s rumors affect him.

Veljko is not interested in that, he is in a completely different style. He is a normal and relaxed man, maybe when people see him they don’t understand that, because his appearance seems a little different, rougher, and he is such a wonderful man, he is calm, relaxed, he jokes more with my friends than I do.

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