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    Recorded intercourse without permission

    A man has been sentenced to sixty days probation for violating a woman’s obscenity on the eve of Saturday, December 29, 2018, at his home. He made a funny movie by recording videos and pictures of them having sex without her knowledge. By doing so, he hurt her sense of shame.

    The parties largely agreed on the facts of the case. They met, met at a club and then went to his house where they listened to music. Subsequently, they had sex with the consent of both parties. During intercourse, the woman noticed that the man was recording a video or taking pictures of her on her iPhone.

    She had not given permission for such a recording and told him to stop and delete the pictures. She then told the man to delete the photos and informed him that she was going to the emergency room she did.

    The man claimed that he had controlled the music with his phone and then started taking pictures and short videos carelessly. Soon the woman had made a comment and it was clear that she did not like it. He had immediately stopped, deleted the photos and videos in front of her.

    The conclusion of the Reykjavik District Court states that it is somewhat unclear to the man what caused the photos to be taken. The woman’s statement, however, had been consistent, with the police and then in court. The conclusion was based on her credible statement.

    The court found it proved that the man had been guilty of the offenses for which he was charged. In determining the sentence, the court considered, on the one hand, that the man had not previously been convicted. But also because the man had caused the woman discomfort, which was supported by a psychologist’s certificate, and failed to trust her.

    Compensation was set at ISK 200,000, in addition to which he has to pay all legal costs, about ISK 2 million.

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