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    Omni One, the device that allows you to move your whole body in virtual reality

    Virtual reality technology always had a limitation: how to do to imitate body movements. Crouching, jumping, walking, and other actions are always challenging. So far: one company launched the Omni One, a full-body moving device to launch in 2021.

    Omni is the device featured in the movie Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg, in which the protagonists carry out a treasure hunt in a Virtual Reality Oasis, moving their avatars with complete immersion.

    As Virtuix reported in a statement, The new Omni One device includes a treadmill with which users can walk and run in Virtual Reality, but also other actions such as jumping, crouching, and kneeling. It is also omnidirectional, so it allows you to move and rotate in 360 degrees.

    Omni One is the consumer version of the first ‘premium’ device created by Virtuix, Omni Pro, used in 500 entertainment establishments, but in this case, it is intended for use in homes, thanks to a lighter design that allows it to be folded.

    The device has dimensions of 1.22 meters in diameter and is made up of the treadmill and wireless Virtual Reality helmets that work without the need to connect to computers.

    To this must be added a vest that is attached to a vertical support, in such a way that it keeps the user stable while moving and jumping in Virtual Reality, and with which their movements are also reproduced, such as when bending over.

    Omni One will launch with its own video game store, with 30 titles available from the start, including games “in the style of Call of Duty and Fortnite” but developed by Virtuix and other studios, according to its creators.

    Among the characteristics, the American company also highlighted that it can be used completely wirelessly and that it allows players to burn calories when playing video games practicing physical exercise.

    The new device will launch in the second half of 2021, as confirmed by Virtuix. Currently, it is only possible to contribute to the financing of the project, which can involve discounts of up to $ 800, equivalent to 40 percent of the product, with an estimated price of around $ 2,000.

    How does it work
    One of the most important design decisions is at the base of the Virtuix Omni One: with a circular and sloping shape, it “brings” the user’s feet always to the center. This completes the experience with special shoes that make the surface totally slippery. With the player strapped into a weight-bearing harness, their feet slide down the concave treadmill and that movement translates into movement in the game.

    When the user enters this vest with a harness, it remains somewhat suspended, thus allowing the feet to move without actually moving from the real place. The base records the movements you make and converts them into movement in the real environment. Virtuix says they have teamed up with several developers to adapt their titles to the Omni One.

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