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No one will get us through the cold season more casual and warmer than this trendy shirt jacket


No one will get us through the cold season more casual and warmer than this trendy shirt jacket

Regardless of whether you want to call it a shirt jacket, overshirt, shirt jacket, or jacket – the fashion hybrid always looks great and reliably keeps us warm through autumn and winter. Here you can find out how to wear shirt jackets and where you can buy pretty jackets

Shirt jacket aka Shacket: What is that?

Not a shirt, not a jacket, but a shirt jacket – or jacket (made up of shirt and jacket) or overshirt, if you’d rather give the jacket trend an English name. Either way: We’re talking about the most popular transition jacket in 2020. But what is a shirt jacket or overshirt? Put simply, it is an oversized, usually boxy-cut shirt made of thicker and warmer material (e.g. wool, felt, corduroy or tweed) that is suitable for being worn outside as a jacket in spring or autumn. In winter shirt jackets are also happy to layers combined or under a coat (hence over shirt) worn over a thick sweater.

Shirt jacket 2020: Shackets are so diverse now

Plain colors made of wool or teddy fur, with a colorful checkered lumberjack look, made of (synthetic) leather or decorated with fringes and pearls: shirt jackets are currently available in a wide variety of designs and price ranges. So if you want to add a new member to your jacket and coat collection, you are guaranteed to find it this season.

Combining a shirt jacket: this is how you wear jackets

With denim trousers as well as dresses, skirts, or suit pants: As a real styling all-rounder, shirt jackets go with everything. Which look you want to create always depends on the style of the jacket itself and the rest of the outfit. In general, one can say: clean, single-colored shirt jacket designs go particularly well with noble looks, utility, and checked models harmonize more with casual outfits.

Jessie Bush wears a grunge look with a checked jacket, sweatshirt, and checked pants. In addition, the influencer combines tough boots.

Stylist Monikh Dale shows a cool jacket look consisting of a black overshirt, white T-shirt, and black leather pants.

Influencer and GLAMOR cover star Caro Daur proves that shirt jackets can also look really classy with her cream-colored fringed model.

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