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    Mario Pergolini liquidated the influencers- For money they publish anything

    True to his style, Mario Pergolini (56) returned to do his thing in Curse, it’s going to be a beautiful day, the cycle that he conducts from Monday to Friday on Vorterix radio (FM 92.1). This time, he had harsh words against influencers, whom he called “momentary searches”.

    “The networking business is going down for everyone … Just what was I going to get into now!”, joked the driver, referring to some reports that ensure that the earnings of the protagonists of the virtual universe would not be the same as in previous years.

    “The other day I read that if you pass 200 thousand followers you are an influencer … I am a recontra influencer!” Pergolini continued, without abandoning the ironic tone, although based on real data: on Instagram, he accumulates more than 264 thousand.

    Later, however, he became serious: “I know that I am not and I don’t want to be,” he said. And he quickly explained why: “It is that for me an influencer is a low degree. It is a momentary search for momentary fame”, he sentenced.

    “There are different types of influencers,” said Ignacio Corral, the co-host of the radio cycle. “For me, they are all the same,” Pergolini replied, lapidary. And he concluded: “The influencer is a guy who publishes anything for money.”

    It should be remembered that it is not the only controversy in which the driver was involved this week. A few days ago, his son Tomás (26), who also runs a program on Vorterix (What the fuck is this, from 16 to 18), laughed when announcing the death of rocker Eddie Van Halen and caused repudiation in the networks.

    And although the criticism was not directed at him, Mario came out in defense of his son two days later. “It was disproportionate, poor Tomás. The truth is disproportionate. Cruelty to the fart. The same on Twitter, then the rest … the anonymity. And then public, well-known people … And you say ‘well, look for a career'”, he downloaded Pergolini.

    Coincidentally, a few hours before Beto Casella (60) had criticized the son of the former CQC on the networks. “Rest in peace, Eddie,” he had tweeted, ironic, along with the video in which Tomás announced the death of the hard rock icon.

    In addition, the host of Bendita (El Nueve, Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m.) added below that message an epic fragment of an old interview that he himself did with Ricardo Iorio (58).

    In the images, you could see the words of the verbose singer, who in a note for C5N recommended that young people go “to study.”

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