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    In her seventh decade, she looks 30 years younger- The secret is in the vegetarian diet

    Kristi Brinkley still glows and burns today

    Actress and former model Christie Brinkley (66) can boast an enviable figure and great appearance in the seventh decade. It has been almost four decades since she first posed in a swimsuit on the cover of the famous “Sports Illustrated”, only to take photos again last year, but this time she posed with her two daughters.

    Many women around the world are wondering what the secret of her appearance is, and she recently pointed out that it is very important what you take into your body.

    – I tried with some pretty weird diets at first because I thought they were the key to a good line. It happened that I drank only juice during the day or ate only one group of foods for days, and then I realized that it had no point and that I would not achieve good results in the long run – said Kristi.

    The key to a slimline and beautiful skin is a proper and balanced diet. Kristi is a vegetarian and claims that this diet helped her maintain a beautiful complexion and good shape.

    – I like this diet the most, and I tried everything. I noticed that my skin looks more beautiful, that my complexion is more even, and that I feel much better – she pointed out.

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