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    He wasn’t the first James Bond, he wore blunt, he liked to drink martinis

    Sean Connery, a Scottish film and theater actor, passed away today at the age of 90

    Sean Connery, a Scottish film and theater actor, who passed away today at the age of 90, was best known to the public as the first James Bond film.

    He has acted in seven James Bond films. Apart from them, he also acted in the films “Unbreakable”, “Name of the Rose”, “Hunting for Red October”, “Indiana Jones” and many others.

    In 2000, Connery was knighted.

    He was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Unbreakable in 1987, the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in The Unbreakable in 1988, and the BAFTA Award for Best Lead Actor in The Name of the Rose in 1986.

    He married twice and retired from the film in April 2011. He was seen at the 2012 US Open, where he supported Scottish tennis player Andy Murray in the final against Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic.
    Sean Connery was a member of the National Party of Scotland, which advocates the secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom. In addition to membership, Connery was one of its main financiers.

    He lived in the Bahamas and publicly vowed to return to Scotland on the day it became independent.

    1. Thomas Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930, in the impoverished Fountainbridge district of Edinburgh.

    2. Connery’s father was a truck driver and his mother a maid.  

    3. When he was born, his parents were so poor that they put him to sleep in a closet drawer instead of in a cradle.

    4. He learned to read and write at the age of five and says this is the foundation of his acting career. 

    5. As a boy, he fished in the canal using his mother’s old nylons, but later stated in interviews that he never allowed the humble beginning to hold him back in life.

    6. At the age of 14, he left high school and engaged in various jobs – he distributed newspapers, milk and dairy products and was an apprentice to a local butcher. 

    7. At the age of 16 he joined the British Navy where he was an officer.

    8. He made two tattoos in the army: one says “Scotland forever” and the other “Mom and Dad”. 

    9. He left the Navy at the age of 19 due to stomach ulcers.

    10. He learned to box in the army.

    11. He was granted a military pension.

    12. After the military, he devoted himself to bodybuilding which helped him occasionally get a job as a model for advertising men’s swimming trunks. 13. In that period of his life he was engaged in all kinds of work: the polished coffins, delivered coal, worked in a printing house, posed for nudes at the Academy of Fine Arts, and was a lifeguard on the beach.

    14. He chose the name Shane as his stage name, but later returned to the name Sean.15. In 1953 he participated in the competition for Mr. Universe, representing Scotland. He won third place.

    16. His theatrical debut was in London in 1951. 17. In 1957 he starred on British television (BBC) where he achieved success in ‘Requiem for a Heavyweight’. After that, he started acting on the movie screen playing minor roles.

    18. Although he already had several roles secured, he had no money so he was forced to work as a baby-sitter for journalist Peter Noble and his wife, an actress, Mary.19. In 1957, he starred with Diane Cilento in the television film ‘Anna Christie’.

    20. Cilento and Connery were married in 1963, and six weeks after the wedding their son Jason was born.

    21. Their marriage lasted 11 years.

    22. His first major film role was in the film ‘Another Time, Another Place’ (1958), where his partner was Lana Turner. Her jealous boyfriend Johnny Stompanato made a scene and threatened him with a gun, thinking Connery was trying to seduce his girlfriend. Sean then hid for a while after Stompanato allegedly ordered his assassination. 

    23. It’s not true that he got the role of Bond because of the “sexy, panther walk” that delighted the producers. He got the role by a vote of the readers of the Daily Express.

    24. Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond series, did not like Sean at first because he “looked like a raw material”, but later changed his mind.

    25. Having discontinued his own education, he later set up a charity fund to provide scholarships to poor Scottish children.

    26. In 1992, he named his production company Fountainbridge Films after his birthplace.

    27. In all the Bond movies, he wore a wig because at the age of 21 he started losing his hair.

    28. Director Terence Young, who hired him for the film ‘Dr. But ‘he took Sean’ under his wing ‘and took him to dinner where he “taught him how to walk, how to talk, even how to eat”, claimed Lois Maxwell who played Miss Moneypenny.

    29. Of the other Bonds, he likes Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig the most, and Timothy Dalton the least.

    30. His favorite movie about Agent 007 is ‘From Russia with Love’.

    31. He almost lost his life while shooting that film. The helicopter on the set flew just above his head and almost decapitated him.

    32. In 1973 he divorced Cilento, and in May 1975 he married French-Moroccan painter Micheline Roquebrune. 

    33. He angered the public when, in 1987, he said in an interview that it was acceptable to slap a woman.

    34. On the set of the film ‘Never Say Never’, Steven Seagal accidentally broke his wrist while showing him martial arts.

    35. He played James Bond seven times.

    36. He made his last Bond film in 1971, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and vowed never to play Agent 007 again.

    37. He won an Oscar for the film ‘Untouchables’.

    38. His emphasis in that film was declared the worst in the history of cinema by the Empire magazine poll. 

    39. He went to speaking exercises to get rid of the Edinburgh accent. He obviously failed.

    40. Cheers for Celtic.

    41. In his youth, he had the opportunity to play for Manchester United, but refused because he considered the footballer’s job to be “too unstable”.

    42. Connery writes poetry passionately, but doesn’t let anyone read it!

    43. In 1993, he went for radiation because of lumps in his throat.

    44. As a great nationalist, he refuses to return to live in Scotland until its independence is declared. He believes this will happen during his lifetime.

    45. In 2000, he was knighted.

    46. ​​He left the ‘James Bond’ franchise because he could no longer stand the special effects, the dialogues that were repeated from film to film, and the public’s obsessions with his character and work.

    47. In 2006, he underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney.

    48. He was twice called to star in the Matrix film series, but both times he refused because “it was not at all clear to him what the film was about.”

    49. He starred in the film ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ in 1975 and this is considered one of his best acting performances.

    50. In 1989, People magazine named him “the sexiest living man”. Connery then said he was lucky not to be named “the sexiest dead man.”

    51. He refused to play Gandalf in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ because he did not want to move to Australia for a few months.

    52. He was offered a role in the film ‘My Songs, My Dreams’. 

    53. Today Connery lives at three addresses: in Spain, in the Bahamas, and in Los Angeles.

    54. Computer animators studied his gestures and facial expressions to convey them on a computer-generated character and the movements of a dragon in the film ‘Dragonheart’.

    55. He likes to drink martinis.

    56. His favorite drink is Scotch whiskey.

    57. After leaving the making of James Bond films, however, he made another sequel: ‘Never Say Never Again’, 1983. The title of the film was suggested by his wife (because he said he would never make another Bond film again).

    58. Connery’s last film was ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ from 2003.

    59. He once stated that he regretted turning down the lead role in the film ‘The Thomas Crown affair’.

    60. In his youth he was nicknamed ‘Big Tam’.

    61. He started smoking at the age of ten.

    62. He is known as a passionate golfer, although he was not at all attracted to filming the golf scene in the movie ‘Goldfinger’.

    63. Connery was the tallest James Bond.

    64. For the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ (1991) for two days of work he was paid £ 250,000 and donated everything to charity.

    65. In 1991 he became an honorary citizen of his native Edinburgh.

    66. He was once stopped for speeding by a police officer named James Bond.

    67. He has a younger brother, Neil.

    68. After auditioning for the role of James Bond, in response he received a telegram with the message: ‘Try to be better.’

    69. He is known for nurturing Scottish culture and often wears a kilt.

    70. In 1993, Japanese and South African media agencies pronounced him dead. 

    71. He was offered a role in the film ‘Cleopatra’ (1963)

    72. His favorite own performance is in the movie ‘Thunderball’.

    73. He claims that he lost his virginity when he was 14 years old. 

    74. He is 188 centimeters tall.

    75. In 1999, People magazine called him ‘the sexiest man of the century’.

    76. He went dancing classes for 11 years. His teacher was the Swedish dancer Yat Malmgren.

    77th Entertainment Weekly chose him as the 24th greatest movie star of all time.

    78. In his youth, everyone called him Tommy. 

    79. In Edinburgh he was persecuted by the infamous Valdor gang. He once beat up six gang members and then gained their respect.

    80. On the set of the movie “Thunderball”, he was very close to death because a shark broke through the protective fence and approached him dangerously.

    81. He shares a helicopter platform with his neighbor Willem Alexanderpm, King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

    82. The American Film Institute declared his role as James Bond the third-greatest hero in the history of cinema. 

    83. The wife of producer Cubby Broccoli is most responsible for getting the role of Agent 007. 

    84. He was awarded the Kennedy Center for Lifetime Achievement in Arts and Culture 1999. 

    85. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Film Institute on June 8, 2006, in Los Angeles.

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