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Emina Jahovic admitted that she did not have an easy life- I was the target, I was tried

Singer Emina Jahovic has often been the subject of gossip due to her divorce from Mustafa Sandal

Singer Emina Jahovic has often been the subject of gossip about her divorce from Mustafa Sandal, and she looked back and said she never judges others.

  • Precisely because I was targeted many times and I was judged a lot, I learned about it and I definitely decided not to judge. I can only change myself, I cannot change others, and in that way, I can protect myself. Any comment about other people’s people and lives, even people who did some of the worst things that are as they are in the eyes of observers, I think there is a story behind it … Therefore, it is not up to us to judge – said Emina in the show “Magazine In”.

  • I had very difficult moments and I didn’t have an easy life at all, and that’s what people definitely think and it’s all great … But when they listen to those songs and that depth of those verses, they ask: “Where did you get this from? “. We always have to be the best, the happiest, it’s all great, but I don’t believe any of us live a perfect life – she was an honest singer.

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