Don’t ignore the changes on your nails

If black spots start to appear suddenly and do not go away, see a doctor

If our diet is bad we will see signs on the skin, if we are tired, we will have dark circles, and another part of the body that can show us if we have a problem is the nails.

Iron deficiency

Our body always gives us signs about our health and very easily shows us when we are well, but also when something is wrong. Experts from Australia reveal several changes in the nails that should not be ignored and what exactly they point to.

1. White dots – There is a theory that says that they occur when we lack calcium and zinc, but also poor nutrition. You can easily solve these problems by changing the food you eat.

2. Blue nails – On colder days the nails know to flood and this is nothing unusual, no need to worry, but put on gloves, and the problem will be solved. On the other hand, the reason may be a lack of iron in the body.

Yellow color

Yellow color in Nail- MegaloPreneur-Magazine

3. Cracked and yellow nails – Smokers often have yellow and even slightly cracked nails, but if you notice that your nails are hard to grow and have become thicker, this may indicate arthritis. Also, yellow nail color can be the result of lung disease.

4. Black spots on the nails – If you have crushed the nail by closing a drawer or something has fallen on it, do not worry. A hemorrhage has been created that can change from purple to black, but it will pass. However, if the black spots have started to appear suddenly and do not go away, see a doctor immediately because it can be a sign of melanoma, skin cancer.

Thin, soft, and dry

Thin, soft, and dry-MegaloPreneur-Magazine

Your nails break easily and are quite soft to the touch? You may be deficient in protein. It is important to have a handful of protein in every meal, but also to get enough vitamins D and A in the body. For vitamin D, you can expose yourself to the sun, and take vitamin A through green vegetables and carrots.

Dry, flaky nails usually indicate too little water intake. Although the dose to be taken varies from person to person, try to drink more water than now and a small change is welcome.

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