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    Anastasia is Kylie Jenner’s best friend, proud of her body and wealth

    Best friend Kylie Jenner, a young Greek woman who has more than six million followers on social networks, is known for her huge wealth, but also for plastic surgery.

    Lately, everyone would like to know if she really married a handsome heartthrob from Netflix.

    Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as Stasi, is Kylie Jenner’s best friend since she was a child. The two are so close that at one point the Stasi moved in with Kylie. They are literally inseparable, they travel everywhere together, from Italy to the islands of Turks and Caicos, and wherever they go – they dress the same, a News Magazine writes.

    Anastasia is a model and influencer with over six million followers on Instagram and 200,000 on YouTube. People seem to find it very interesting to watch the fashion combinations she shares with them, to listen to her talk about her life, and they are especially intrigued by her videos in which she speaks openly about the plastic surgeries she has had.

    After a relationship with Australian reality star Harry Jowsy, there have been a lot of rumors lately that she is in a relationship with Noo Centine, an American actor and model, for whom women around the world are losing their heads.

    The controversial blonde had two breast surgeries and since then she claims that she should not be ashamed of that.

    It remains a mystery how much Anastasia’s wealth actually is. It can only be guessed if we look at her new house. However, it is known that it attracted serious sponsors because of its millions of followers.

    She has already collaborated with brands of swimming equipment, and it is widely rumored that she will not post anything on Twitter or Instagram without $ 5,000. And that was talked about a few years ago, so it is very possible that now the price of its publication has risen because, after all, it is followed by more than six million people. And the question is what will happen in the future because Anastasia is only 23 years old,

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