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    Why Brad Pitt ran away from Scientology with his head no matter what

    Pete’s former church overseer Michael Mullen spoke about that time in his book “Brainwashed”

    Before he became a megastar, Brad Pitt flirted with Scientology for three years, and his then-girlfriend, actress Juliette Lewis, introduced him to that controversial faith in the early 1990s. His connection with the church was severed in vain, at the same time as he broke with Luis.

    Pete’s connection to Scientology was judged by the “purification process” that took place at the Portland Celebrity Center. Pete’s former church superintendent, Michael Mallen, spoke about the time, spending 40 years at the church before finally leaving it in 2014 and then writing a book, Brainwashed, about his time spent there.

    – I was trained as a course supervisor, so I was sent to training at the Celebrity Center Portland. While I was there, I met the teenage daughter of the executive director of the Church of Scientology based in Portland. One of the things she told me was that Brad Pitt, who was dating Scientologist Juliet Lewis at the time, was conducting a purge at the Celebrity Center in Portland, ”says Malen, who later met Pete himself

    According to Scientology records, Pete completed some therapies in July 1991 and a special course on “human assessment” in May 1993. But the initiation process itself included unusual sessions in which supervisors would yell and insult potential members. Malen claims that he ruthlessly shouted at Pete, who was so angry that he left and never returned to the church. The church tried to recruit him again after he left it in 1993, but he refused all their attempts.

    – He seems to have concluded that he had had enough. They tried to bring him back, but he never continued with Scientology – said Mallen.

    In 1993, Pete said goodbye to Scientology forever, but also to actress Juliette Lewis, who is still a member of that controversial church, just like her famous colleagues John Travolta (John) and Tom Cruise (Cruise)

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