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    What is “OnlyFans”, a platform on which celebrities strip naked

    Exactly a year ago, Bella Thorne, a former Disney princess, surprised the public by announcing that she had entered the waters of adult movies.

    Now she has gone a step further, earning a million dollars in just 24 hours through explicit videos on the OnlyFans platform. She replaced the unsuccessful career of the actress and singer with porn content, because at the end of the day – she sells sex.

    She opened a profile on the OnlyFans platform, known for offering the opportunity to subscribe financially to the content of a favorite celebrity, which is mostly – explicit. However, it is not the only or revolutionary in this, the OnlyFans platform has greatly driven a large part of the world’s population crazy.

    It is a social network where you have the opportunity to publish your pornographic content, whether it is something soft and easy, or a hardcore porn video. You can see and post everything – from half-naked and completely naked photos and videos, to the explicit content of masturbation, sex, and the like.

    The platform has become popular over the past few years, and it has been primarily taught by porn actors and actresses, who through OnlyFans have been able to connect in person with fans who are willing to pay a monthly subscription.

    OnlyFans became so popular that Beyonce also agreed to do an advertisement for him in May 2020, although, true, she did not publish pornographic content.

    In addition to Belle Thorne, rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B also have their profile on OnlyFans.

    It is important to note that the platform is not exclusively intended for people and the pornographic industry, but can be joined by anyone – whether they want to enjoy explicit content or create it themselves.

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