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    TV presenter Ushakova named five bad habits of mothers

    Walk around and eat fast

    Russian TV presenter Olga Ushakova, who is a mother of four daughters, spoke about how she has changed since becoming a mother for the first time. Subscribers appreciated her recognition.

    At the beginning of her Instagram post, Ushakova jokingly clarified that when she talks about bad habits, she does not mean that she “lays in between feedings.”

    Among other things, the habit of eating quickly stands out, she said. One day, when she was dining alone, she caught herself eating like a “stray dog.” “Now I control myself, I return beautiful manners,” the presenter wrote.

    Ushakova also admitted that she is always in a hurry and fusses, even when there is no need for it.

    “And this is not feminine at all. And most importantly, it does not add to the effectiveness of actions,” she stressed.

    She paid particular attention to her gait. When she carries a child in her arms, she walks. However, when the baby grows up, the gait will remain. “After giving birth, you still need to pull yourself together, that is, in the legs, in short, collect the legs in a bunch,” – said the presenter.

    There are also problems with posture. So, the first months after childbirth, when there were “endless feeding, lying down, motion sickness,” Ushakova at some point could no longer straighten up. She also reported that from constantly looking down at the baby during feedings “there were creases in the neck and a drooping chin.”

    There is also a problem with hair. “Elastic band on the arm, strange bunches, half-tails”, – noted Ushakova. Especially hard, according to her, for mothers with long hair. Therefore, it is better to braid in the morning “a stylish braid or two and forget about your hair until the evening.”

    “Maybe someone recognized himself in my sketches. Then let’s fight together! We are women, not dishwashers after all!” – she turned to subscribers.

    Most of the girls in the comments appreciated the host’s post, noting that they really recognized themselves in the description. They noted that it is difficult to take care of themselves after giving birth. All attention is focused on the child.

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