Thirst is not a reliable signal that your body needs water

A man can live without food for a month, but without water for only about seven days

Water makes up 70 percent of our body. It must be renewed every five to ten days. Along with oxygen, water is one of the most important elements on earth to sustain life. Everything the body does need water.

The best way

A man can live without food for a month, but without water for only about seven days. Thirst is not a reliable signal that your body needs water. Thirst indicates that the body has already dehydrated. Also, thirst stops even before the body has received a sufficient amount of water. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to sufficient water consumption every day.

Various drinks that contain sugars, alcohol, and other solutes only increase the need for water instead of reducing it, because water is consumed during their decomposition. Only clean water is the best way to meet the needs of the organism. It is considered that the minimum daily water requirement of an adult with low physical activity is about 20-25 g per kilogram of body weight, which means that a 75 kg man should drink a minimum of 1500-1875 g (1.5 – 1.9 liters) of water per day.

With higher physical activity and higher temperatures, the air required for water is much higher.

Health and beauty

Water greatly affects the health and beauty of our skin, so it has been proven to be one of the most effective, but also the simplest and cheapest preparations for cleansing, caring for, and preserving the youthful appearance of the skin of the face and the whole body. That water is an elixir of beauty was known long ago by Hippocrates, who recommended water treatments to thermal ladies in thermal spas. Even today, even the most beautiful women in the world rely on the exceptional influence of water.

When the stars say …

You will often hear the stars say that water is their elixir of youth. Dermatologists point out that this is not a lie because at the end of the day the skin barrier works better when it is well hydrated and worse when it is dehydrated. Drinking liters and liters of water at once will not provide you with a perfect complexion and flawless skin, and in particular, will not affect existing wrinkles or acne. Everything takes time.

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