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    The “Disinfection Pump” and other exciting sexual poses to test in quarantine

    Who says quarantine with your spouse can not be fun. According to a new survey, 27 percent of Britons intend to quarantine their opportunities to “have more sex,” The Sun reports.

    If you want to do the same thing and spice up your sex life along the way, here are some fun poses. Like the “disinfection pump” and the “COVID-69.”

    Covid-69 Pose

    The Crown Cowboy Girl

    The man lies on his back and the husband crawls in front of him as if he is praying. Then the husband puts the shin under the man’s legs and bends his head.


    COVID-69 is very similar to the famous 69 poses, but COVID-69 is about giving pleasure to only one person at a time.

    Quarantine quick Pose

    Quarantine quick

    The best thing about not having to drive to work is having more time in bed. By trying the “quarantine” pose, you can start the day fun, and soon.

    Sanitizer pump Pose

    Sanitizer pump

    If you want to try an adventurous position then the disinfection pump is for you. This one is rather difficult to implement but fun nonetheless. To perform it, one person needs to lie on his back with his legs above his head. The other person then goes into a kneeling position so that he can, very carefully, place the penis in the other person’s vagina/rectum. You could get a sore throat after this kinky pose, remember to be careful.

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