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    The body of a 12-year-old girl ‘comes to life’ when she was going to be buried

    The hospital had certified the death of the girl, but her body began to rise in temperature when they were preparing it for burial and she opened her eyes. She finally passed away an hour later.

    A dead 12-year-old girl has ‘woken up’ for an hour, but has finally truly passed away after that time. The body of the little girl, whose death had been certified at Dr. Muhammad Saleh Hospital, was in the bathtub of her house to be prepared for burial and suddenly she began to recover her heart rate and temperature, opening her eyes and moving. , as his family told the local press in East Java, Indonesia, and reported in the British newspaper Daily Mail.

    As soon as the doctors were notified, they ran to the house to give him oxygen, but he definitely died an hour later. The cause of death was the complication in several vital organs due to chronic diabetes.

    The bodies of patients who die of heart failure are known to briefly develop a pulse again and this is called Return of Spontaneous Circulation, the signs of which can include breathing, coughing, and movement. In about 82% of cases, it occurs ten minutes after death, according to a 2007 report published in the ‘Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine’.

    After her death was confirmed a second time, the body of the 12-year-old girl has washed again and interred in the Lambangkuning Village Cemetery.

    Lumbang Police Chief AKP Muhammad Dugel confirmed the incident and said investigations were ongoing.

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