The best time to masturbate is before work

Masturbation increases blood flow, increases endorphin production, reduces stress, increases self-confidence, and keeps you in tune with your body and sexuality. Masturbation has such a great health effect on all of us that in fact, doctors should recommend it. In short, it simply makes you feel good. The online body Body and Soul compiled an article on the health effects of masturbation on the body and mental health.

But when are the right time to do this fun and healthy activity?
In the morning before you go to work

In the morning before you go to work

Shower, breakfast, coffee, brush your teeth, run after the bus or try to remember where the car was parked yesterday if you live downtown, to burn out at work and arrive five minutes late. We all have our morning routine. But there is one thing you should consider adding to your morning checklist; and it’s a little selfish.

Masturbation on Monday morning is unlikely to be as rewarding as a long candlelit Sunday session with Bublé in the gadgets, but it comes with a number of health benefits that will improve your performance at work. It can reduce work stress, give you extra energy to tackle challenging tasks, and the beautiful natural blush that accompanies good orgasm shortens the time many people take in the morning to set up their faces.

before Bed

before Bed

There are certainly hypotheses that orgasm provides the orgasm with a great deal of relaxation that will help them achieve a better night’s sleep. No official research has been done to confirm this hypothesis, but participants in the experiments of sexologist Kinsey said, among other things, that masturbation made it easier for them to fall asleep earlier and sleep better. This could be due to the fact that during orgasm, dopamine and oxytocin are released, a special hormonal cocktail that makes us both happy and drowsy at the same time. Get ready for bed and experience the best sleep of your life.

when you need to focus

If you feel you are losing concentration, it may be time to give your clitoris a thorough massage. According to Kit Maloney, founder of the feminist porn production company O’actually, masturbation is not unlike meditation. It gives you peace of mind that increases both concentration and efficiency.

when you’re sad

When you are sad

Remember when you were last energyless, sad and tired? This feeling may have been due to thinning, general afternoon fatigue, or something else.

Next time, when you feel like it, you should consider masturbating. Thanks to all the dopamine released during orgasm, the mood should improve. But dopamine is precisely the so-called joy hormone, which promotes pleasure, orgasm, and happiness.

When you’re on a tour

There is no scientific evidence for this, but there are many indications that masturbation is a great way to alleviate back pain. The reason is probably that the orgasm causes the muscles in the uterus to contract and release painkillers. Getaway, back pain!

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